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Here is a perfect example (on a smaller scale, but the effect is exactly the same) of what will happen if the “consumer option” in health insurance becomes a reality. The model relies on “robbing from Peter to pay Paul”: in this case, customers with property insurance underwritten by private companies pay a surcharge to help fund the “public option” policies. Now, a private insurer (State Farm) has pulled out, and will no longer write property insurance policies in the state. So, the publicly-funded system gets bigger, and less financially viable. Just replace “insurance company” with “doctor”, and you begin to see how things will go in healthcare if a system like this is foisted upon us by liberal do-gooders.

Florida’s Public Option | The Beacon


The stimulus is a joke

I like to read the posts over at Cafe Hayek; they’re always on the money with their analyses of events from an economic perspective.

Now, let’s apply this logic to um, I dunno, healthcare, maybe? Get the idea? The government is not capable of creating savings or economic benefit by spending other people’s money. The amount of dollars consumed to orchestrate the “savings” that a relative few consumers realized almost equaled the average transaction price for a vehicle! The leviathan Rube Goldberg contraption that is any federal agency can’t create economic wealth. It can, however, consume a lot of wealth by taking it from folks who earned it, paying a lot of people to push paperwork around, constructing buildings for them to do it in, and creating lots of rules and regulations to gum up the works of business owners who are creating economic benefit for themselves and others.

It doesn’t work. Never has, never will.

Cash for Clunkers Results Finally In: Taxpayers Paid $24,000 per Vehicle Sold, Reports

Here’s some more evidence of how the “global warming” alarmists conveniently ignore facts that don’t support their dogma. Mr. Michaels’ question (Where’s the headline?) probably won’t be answered by the likes of Algore, NASA, or other politicized “scientific” concerns.

Deafening Silence on Real Climate Change Patrick J. Michaels Cato Institute: Commentary

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Here’s one of the many good articles about how Rush Limbaugh got waylaid on his way to having an ownership interest in the St. Louis Rams.  The author makes some good points about how the race-baiters (Sharpton and Jackson) and the moonbat conservative haters (Keith Olberman) get a pass when they do outrageous or illegal things, but Limbaugh gets the shaft because he’s unapologetically conservative.  Good example, too, of how liberal fish-wrap papers and Obama-loving media outlets can make up all the lies they want when it suits them…they feel compelled to fact-check SNL for what was clearly SATIRE, but don’t have time to discover that quotes attributed to Limbaugh were fabricated from thin air.