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Here’s a cautionary tale that describes what happens when the government steps in to “make things fair” for everyone in society. Here’s a small sample:

“The rule of law, in complex times,
Has proved itself deficient.
We prefer the rule of men!
It’s vastly more efficient.
Now let me state the present rules.

The lawyer went on,
These very simple guidelines
You can rely upon:
You’re gouging on your prices if
You charge more than the rest.
But it’s unfair competition
If you think you can charge less.

…Don’t try to charge the same amount:
That would be collusion!
You must compete, but not too much…”

Be sure to read to the very end (not long): Tom Smith and His Incredible Bread Machine – R. W. Grant – Mises Institute

Happy Thanksgiving.
Here’s something to think about as we give thanks for the bounty we have in America. Almost 400 years ago, William Bradford recognized that the socialist collective system that the colonists were using was not working. “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” resulted in everyone thinking that someone else was the one that had the ability, and thus would be providing for them. This, in turn, resulted in starvation and death. Once they adopted a free market system, he wrote “instead of famine now God gave them plenty”. They produced so much excess that they began exporting it. The same story played out in Jamestown, where they nearly died off completely before dropping Socialism.
And yet, here we are, almost 400 years later, with a bunch of misguided know-it-all do-gooders trying to give us the same system that nearly killed off all the colonists. Hope we wake up, too, before it’s too late.

I have suspected this ever since my wife started sorting out the plastic bottles and glass from the aluminum cans and cardboard. I actually take our trash to the landfill (my favorite weekend chore; isn’t it yours?), and have to go to different places to dump trash and leave recycables. I have jokingly commented to my son/daughter on many occasions when they’ve accompanied me: “I bet all this stuff ends up in the same place – they just put up this facade here to make people feel better about themselves, and how they’re ‘saving the earth'”.

So – turns out it’s true, at least in DC. I bet it’s happening in a lot of other places, too.

Oh – the aluminum cans – I do like recycling them, as they reward you with actual money for doing it.

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If you’ve read any reasoned and rational analyses of the Health Care “reform” bill, there won’t really be any surprises here. But, John Stossel asks a couple of good questions – truthful answers conclude that this version of “reform” can’t possibly work. You could argue that point, but would be hard-pressed to provide an example of success. The Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea (where folks are happy to find some grass to eat) are all excellent examples, right?

Okay, so we’re only talking about government-run health care? Plenty of stories coming out of Canada and England about how well that’s working (though not from the folks in charge of it; just the consumers). Centrally planned and run (i.e. socialist) systems can’t work as well as the free market.

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This is sad, but entirely believable. Never mind those pesky students and their under-achievement! We don’t teachers getting rewarded for doing a good job! That would mean some other teachers are, um, not doing a good job? Impossible! Take all the money from the Gates Foundation and divide it equally between the teachers – regardless of what kind of job they do. Yep – there’s your union label…

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