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This is interesting. Shot in Super 16mm with Kodak black and white film. I just like the feel of it – it’s somber and kind of mysterious-looking.

Official video for Stone Jack Jones' 'Black Coal' featuring West Virginia.​stonejackjones


So Lisa Murkowski (Mookowski? Murchowski?) lost the Republican primary for Senate in Alaska to Joe Miller. Instead of

Lisa Murkowski

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submitting to the will of the people and accepting defeat, she declared herself a write-in candidate in the election. Okay, so this is America – if it’s legal, well, I guess you can do that. There were concerns in her campaign about the law on write-ins in Alaska: you must spell the name correctly in order for the write-in vote to be counted. The Murkowski campaign petittioned a judge to allow a “list of write-in candidates” to be posted at every polling place in the state. Since she’s the only write-in, well there her name will be, so folks who want to vote for her will have the correct spelling right there.

I’m not sure who came up with the idea, but Radio host Dan Fagan was one who broadcast it: go to the Board of Elections and file papers for a write-in candidacy for Senate. Since any Alaskan citizen can do it, you can too. Well, they did – at least 160 Alaskans made it to the Board of Elections in time to file the paperwork to run. Along with Mowchowski’s name, there will be a lot of others.

Here’s an article about it at The Hill.

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Glorious Christmas Nights is a production by the West End Assembly of God in Richmond Virginia. We’ve been rehearsing for this year’s show for several weeks now, but the preparations have been going on a lot longer.  The show runs 19 times in the first two weeks of December, and about 25,000 people will see it. These are some of the folks in the cast and crew. I’m trying to get them all, but there are about 400 – so I’ll keep working on it (we’ve got plenty more opportunities in rehearsal). Thanks to all of you who played along, and were good sports about it.

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Everybody has something that, in their world, equals serenity.  And very often that something changes depending on where you are and what you are doing…

In Elementary School, that something for me was a place- a tree behind my parent’s house.  I went there to get away from everything and everyone.

I don’t really remember what that something was in Middle School…?

In High School, that something was tanning in a tanning bed.  Kind of embarrassing, but oh well.  It’s just that it provided me with 10-20 minutes where all I had to worry about was myself… no school, no work, no caddy teenage friends, no boys, no disruptions, no nothing.  Just the warm lights and a relaxing hum.

At Radford, there was the something I recognized as my peaceful getaway, and the the something that I didn’t fully appreciate until a year or so after I graduated.  My roommates and a few of our friends used to go on a Loop to get away from the “stress” of college.  We used to hop in a car, turn on Phish or Led Zeppelin (or Enya,) and drive around the mountain back roads for hours.  That was the ultimate stress-shaker, and I knew it.  Also, there was one semester when I used to go to the book store lounge after my first class every morning.  I’d buy a skim milk and a slice of butter crumb cake and read Harry Potter until my next class (that is, until I finished the book and had to wait foreverrrr for the seventh book to come out).   I had no idea how blissful that hour was, or how fondly I would remember it…

Today (and this is the real point of my story,) my something is a DIY ceramic painting studio in Carytown called All Fired Up.  This place offers me the uninterrupted Me time that the tanning bed used to back in the day, with out all of the skin cancer/orange skin concerns.  And, it reminds me of an old saying about sex and golf being the only two things that you don’t have to be good at to enjoy- painting pottery is also totally fun whether or not you are particularly talented.  And, it’s a good release of mental toxins.  And, you have something to show for your money- actual one-of-a-kind trinkets, serving dishes,  gifts, etc.  And, I really can’t say enough about ceramic studio painting.

And…all of you should really give it a try sometime.