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10,000 m rowed

100 chair dip

100 curl (1/2 w/ #20 DB)

100 delt fly (1/2 w/ #20 DB)

Elapsed time 1:12:14

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11,257 m rowed (10,000@144w)

3 x #12 medball 120

Elapsed time 1:20:01

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Incredibly, despite the promises he’s made about the hundreds of billions in stimulus dollars already flushed down the drain, Obama (*DfOaLG) wants more time (and presumably, more money) to get the job done.

Because who doesn’t want to take his 747 to Iowa at this time of year?, President Obama popped up in Iowa today.

And you’ll never guess what he did.

He pleaded for yet more time to create new jobs and keep his.

Eight hundred and sixty-one days afterpopping up in Denver, of all places, to sign the Democratic Congress’ $787-billion stimulus bill that was going to work almost immediately and absolutely keep unemployment below 8%, Obama offered another jobs speech today (full text below) with unemployment at 9.1%.

He admitted that things are not good for millions of Americans and said it was going to take even more time to do what his vice president promised would be happening 14 months ago.

How could the awful economic hole from you-know-who keep getting deeper 889 days after the guy fled back to Texas?

I’d say he’s had enough time to show, once again, that the proven ineffective Keynesian redistributionist economic policies espoused by him and his gang of pointy-headed-academic-never-created-anything-of-worth-in-the-real-world advisors STILL DON”T WORK.  No more stimulus money, please.

At the end of the Times article, they have the full text of his speech, in which he spouts still more lies like this one:

I believe in an America where our government lives within its means while investing in things that will help us grow, like a world-class education system and cutting-edge innovation and the best transportation and communication systems anywhere in the world.  That’s how we’re going to make America the best place to create good, middle-class jobs.  That’s how we’re going to win the future — by doing the smart things right now to help the middle class grow and feel more secure.

That one little paragraph is full of enough pure bullsh*t to make you bust out laughing, if you weren’t disgusted at the fact this guy can continue to LIE, LIE, LIE, every time he opens his mouth.  Yep, do the right things, like raise taxes on corporations, so they can pass the increase in costs on to those middle-class customers that the boy-king cares so much about, and a hundred other moronic policies like the ones he’s already enacted.  He doesn’t care if he’s lying, or even if he gets caught doing it (like has happened dozens of times already) – he’ll say whatever is expedient at this point, so he can get re-elected and spend another four years making an even bigger and more intractable mess out of our country and our economy.

As long as he’s president, and he and his cabal of know-nothing advisors continue to make economic policy from the flawed viewpoint that the government can actually create a job, the situation will not get markedly better. It may, however, improve in spite of his policies, because American business people are the best in the world at adapting to crappy conditions served up by their government’s policies.

Whenever I hear him parrot the words displayed before him on the teleprompter, I’m more convinced that he is just what Jay Clarke at American Thinker says he is: a bad man – one of the People of the Lie

You can read the rest of the Times article, and Obama’s speech (if you can stomach it) here

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I’m sure you’ve heard noise of one kind or another (most likely negative) about fracking, a technique used to extract natural gas from the earth. Lots of people are up in arms about fracking (I think they just like saying it – “fracking” has a nice ring, doesn’t it?).  Nick Gillespie of Reason TV interviews science correspondent Ronald Bailey about fracking; what it is, and why there’s controversy over this technique that could be used to keep us in domestically-produced natural gas for a long time. I think that is the real reason why people dislike it, especially environmentalists that want us to get our energy from windmills and solar panels, which won’t be economically practicable for a looooong time. From the Reason introduction to the interview:

Fracking has been around for more than 60 years and over 100,000 gas wells are dug per year, most of them in sparsely populated areas in the western U.S. With the discovery of the Marcellus Shale in the eastern part of the country, fracking is increasingly common in populated parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York, leading to heightened tensions between drillers and environmentalists. Indeed, the attorney general of New York has called for a moratorium on the practice in the Empire State.

Is fracking safe? And what are the potential benefits that will be forfeited if the practice is ended? Reason’s Nick Gillespie sat down with science correspondent Ronald Bailey to learn the truth about fracking. Bailey reports that the cases of contaminated water supplies were the result of poorly designed wells that had nothing to do with fracking itself. As important, he notes that the gas generated by fracking would not only massively increase American energy supply, it would do so with a relatively clean and cheap fuel.

See the whole thing:

Jay Clarke, writing in American Thinker, offers the plainest, simplest explanation of Barack Obama (*DfOaLG) that I have yet seen: he’s a bad man. Using M. Scott Peck’s People of the Lie as the basis for his analysis, he paints an eerily accurate picture of the behavior of the current occupant of the White House:

As human beings we all make mistakes.  We sin.   But, people who are bad make a lifelong, regular habit out of it and have very little, if any, sense of remorse.  Actually, they rather enjoy it.  There’s a sense of autonomy, self-determination, and blazing one’s own path that seems to thrive in a person who recognizes no rules but his/her own and no authority other than the desires of his/her own heart.

In his book, People of the Lie, M. Scott Peck tackles a problem that most psychiatrists and therapists avoid.  The problem is bad people, or as Peck describes the issue, “evil.”  Peck concludes that evil people are outside the norm of healthy, human behavior, but they’re not crazy or delusional.  They’re quite sane, which makes them all the more terrifying.  They are dysfunctional members of society.  In a nutshell, bad people lack two critical human characteristics that the rest of us share and admire.

#1. They lack Honesty.  They lie.

Most people lie to prevent embarrassment or to cover an error.  It’s not a way of life.  Bad people lie all the time and about almost everything.  It’s purposeful and automatic.  It’s part of who they are.  It’s how they live, it’s how they function, and it’s how they manipulate, gain advantage, and achieve success.  They lie with reckless abandon and they are really good at it.  Mix a little truth into a lie, add some well-contrived sincerity, and it’s instantly believable.

We’ve all met people like this.  Something about them sets off alarms in our intuitive brain.  We don’t know why, but we know they’re lying and we’re being deceived.   If asked to repeat what the lie was, it would be tough to nail down.  Bad people are really, really good liars.  If challenged, they will back-pedal and change their story until they can find solid ground to stand on which cannot be questioned or refuted.  Victory. Trained therapists have a difficult time divining truth from fiction when faced with such a person whose very identity is rooted in half-truths.  A common way of referring to these bad people is that they are “like nailing jello to the wall.”  It’s almost impossible to pin them down.

#2. They lack Empathy.

Empathy is the ability to put one’s self in the shoes of another, even if only for a moment.  To be a good person, empathy is required.  It is the essential ingredient in humanity and is deeply embedded in our culture.  Americans care.  We care because we have empathy.  It’s in our national DNA.  It’s in our religious texts.  We teach it to our children every day and we gladly help others when we’re able because it’s the right thing to do.

Bad people view empathy as a weakness to be exploited.  But, they do care about themselves.  A lot.  Passionately.  They  are the “Me Generation” on steroids.  Spouses, children, and friends don’t matter.  Not really.  They’re valued only to the extent that they can provide support, praise, honor, and adulation.  Bad people live for that.  If they cannot garner praise and adoration from their reluctant relatives, it’s just as satisfying to intimidate, control, and manipulate them.  The ability to instill fear in others is a powerful narcotic to their warped sensitivities.  Bad people use and abuse others.  They feed off of the insecurities of others and exploit their vulnerabilities.  If the targets of their exploitation refuse to show fear or admiration they will be abandoned, family and friends included, with a shocking coldness.  The unfortunate souls who find themselves living with these monsters will often develop significant mental, emotional, and physical symptoms.  It is a horrific nightmare.

Bad people come to us as sweetness and light, charming, intelligent, confident, and often successful.  But, they are chameleons who will say whatever is necessary in order to get what they want and do what they may.  No truth.  No empathy.  No soul.  Shape-shifting through life they reinvent themselves to suit their audience so as to be everything to everyone.  Inside, they are soulless.  Alone.  Scared.  Afraid of being found out and exposed as a fraud.  Their fragile self-image hides behind a facade of confidence, humor, and “I’m above it all.”  Hence, they appear arrogant, haughty, and cannot bear scorn or reproach.

Barack Obama is one of these bad people.

He’s dishonest, narcissistic, and pinning him down can be like nailing jello to the wall.  He’s all things to all people, but he is no one — an empty vessel.  He uses people and then disposes of them when it’s expedient.  His grandmother, his spiritual mentor, anyone who becomes an inconvenience is thrown under the now infamous bus.  He is adept at mockery and ridicule.  His arrogance is legendary.  His skin is decidedly thin and he cannot bear to be contradicted or challenged.  He works, not for the American People but, for himself.

Obama’s presidency is a lot like Obama.  It’s all about him.  His needs.  His wants. The nation’s crises can’t compete with his love of golf, parties, or globe-trotting vacations.  After all, in his mind, he deserves these creature comforts.  Despite his appearance of confidence, Obama’s is an empty soul in search of fulfillment.  The salve for his wounded heart is the acquisition of raw power.  Power that is unimpeded, unopposed, and subject only to the capricious whims of a self-conscious, adolescent boy housed in a middle-aged man’s body.  Nothing less will do.

Fortunately for us, there’s an election in 2012.

For me, this explains a lot of things. I’ve never liked Obama – he’s always seemed phony to me. He’s never had a position in the real world that resulted in him producing anything. He’s a complete blank slate, written upon in formative years by Communists and supported in his political career by radical anti-Americans. What I can’t understand is how many people actually like him, and still -despite all the failure that his administration has brought- think he’s doing a good job as President. I wonder what it is that they see? Yeah, there’s an election in 2012, but I’m still not convinced that enough people are wise to this empty suit to turn him out of office.

Read the rest of Jay Clarke’s article in American Thinker

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10,107 m rowed (7000@150w)

150 pushup

100 Hindu squat

20 chinup (still gimpy, but improving)

100 DB shoulder press #35

Elapsed time 1:13:11

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