Obama Wants MORE Time (and presumably, billions more $) to “Fix” the Jobs Mess – Good Luck With That

Incredibly, despite the promises he’s made about the hundreds of billions in stimulus dollars already flushed down the drain, Obama (*DfOaLG) wants more time (and presumably, more money) to get the job done.

Because who doesn’t want to take his 747 to Iowa at this time of year?, President Obama popped up in Iowa today.

And you’ll never guess what he did.

He pleaded for yet more time to create new jobs and keep his.

Eight hundred and sixty-one days afterpopping up in Denver, of all places, to sign the Democratic Congress’ $787-billion stimulus bill that was going to work almost immediately and absolutely keep unemployment below 8%, Obama offered another jobs speech today (full text below) with unemployment at 9.1%.

He admitted that things are not good for millions of Americans and said it was going to take even more time to do what his vice president promised would be happening 14 months ago.

How could the awful economic hole from you-know-who keep getting deeper 889 days after the guy fled back to Texas?

I’d say he’s had enough time to show, once again, that the proven ineffective Keynesian redistributionist economic policies espoused by him and his gang of pointy-headed-academic-never-created-anything-of-worth-in-the-real-world advisors STILL DON”T WORK.  No more stimulus money, please.

At the end of the Times article, they have the full text of his speech, in which he spouts still more lies like this one:

I believe in an America where our government lives within its means while investing in things that will help us grow, like a world-class education system and cutting-edge innovation and the best transportation and communication systems anywhere in the world.  That’s how we’re going to make America the best place to create good, middle-class jobs.  That’s how we’re going to win the future — by doing the smart things right now to help the middle class grow and feel more secure.

That one little paragraph is full of enough pure bullsh*t to make you bust out laughing, if you weren’t disgusted at the fact this guy can continue to LIE, LIE, LIE, every time he opens his mouth.  Yep, do the right things, like raise taxes on corporations, so they can pass the increase in costs on to those middle-class customers that the boy-king cares so much about, and a hundred other moronic policies like the ones he’s already enacted.  He doesn’t care if he’s lying, or even if he gets caught doing it (like has happened dozens of times already) – he’ll say whatever is expedient at this point, so he can get re-elected and spend another four years making an even bigger and more intractable mess out of our country and our economy.

As long as he’s president, and he and his cabal of know-nothing advisors continue to make economic policy from the flawed viewpoint that the government can actually create a job, the situation will not get markedly better. It may, however, improve in spite of his policies, because American business people are the best in the world at adapting to crappy conditions served up by their government’s policies.

Whenever I hear him parrot the words displayed before him on the teleprompter, I’m more convinced that he is just what Jay Clarke at American Thinker says he is: a bad man – one of the People of the Lie

You can read the rest of the Times article, and Obama’s speech (if you can stomach it) here

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