Petulant Boy-King Crows About “Placing His Bet on the American Worker” – His Bet? That Was Our Money, You Pretentious Jerk

I subscribe to emails from the Obama campaign so I can get the occasional laugh, or yet another piece of blog fodder. The image below is one I received today, where the Obamabots are passing on the “great speech” he gave to American auto workers. In the speech, the Petulant Boy-King informs us that he is so, so proud of “his” accomplishments in saving the American economy from disaster. He crows about “placing his bet on the American worker.” His bet? Sorry, buddy, but you bet with our money. And all those benefits that went to American workers? They only went to union workers. Non-union workers and pensioners and bondholders got their asses kicked on the way to the “recovery.”

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