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So, the lamestream media’s constant fawning over every extra-legal maneuver, ritzy vacation, and loser investment in “green” energy isn’t enough. Barack Obama, the Petulant Boy-King, wants a movie made about him, so everyone can understand just how great a job he’s done in his first three years in office. From Bloomberg:

With Hollywood gathering this weekend for the 84th Academy Awards, President Barack Obama has recruited Oscar-winning documentary director Davis Guggenheim to again produce a short film for his campaign.

Obama’s re-election staff in Chicago spent $162,834 on the film last month, according to the January Federal Election Commission filing. Currently in post-production, the film focuses on the president’s first three years in office, according to a campaign official.

The film will be less than 30 minutes long and released in weeks, though the exact date hasn’t been decided, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The campaign is still considering how it will be used, the official said.

Wow. The man’s hubris knows no bounds. He’s pathologicial. Here’s a much shorter movie that depicts, pretty accurately, the impact of Wile E. Obama’s first three years in office:


For an organization that pretends to be interested in the welfare of animals, PETA has an interesting track record with the animals it takes into its shelters:

Documents published online this month show that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an organization known for its uncompromising animal-rights positions, killed more than 95 percent of the pets in its care in 2011.

The documents, obtained from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, were published online by the Center for Consumer Freedom, a non-profit organization that runs online campaigns targeting groups that antagonize food producers.

Fifteen years’ worth of similar records show that since 1998 PETA has killed more than 27,000 animals at its headquarters in Norfolk, VA.

In a February 16 statement, the Center said PETA killed 1,911 cats and dogs last year, finding homes for only 24 pets.

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air calls it right:

PETA is one of the worst examples of a group which could have done something great, but chose instead to turn into a self-serving political, agenda driven organization which forgets their original mission. The report cites that PETA has an annual budget in excess of $27M. Imagine how much help could go to real animals in need if those powerful resources were applied to actually helping the animals. Instead, they film glitzy commercials, run national advertising campaigns and hire lobbyists. Rather than investing their time in feeding, vaccinating and adopting out helpless animals, they spend their time mounting domestic terror campaigns,throwing blood on people wearing leather coats and hiring lawyers to treat killer whales as slaves.

To me, they’re just another disgusting example of elite liberal organizations that are more than happy to tell YOU how to act, and what you ought to think. They’re really just a bunch of hypocrites who say one thing, but do something else altogether. Sort of like the perennially vacationing Barry and Moochelle Obama, who talk every chance they get to talk about how more people need to sacrifice, so things will be more fair – for the little people, you see, not them.

As electric cars go, I like the Tesla cars  the most of any I’ve seen. I can’t afford one, but if I had the extra cash for such an extravagance as an electric car, the Tesla is the one I’d go after. It looks like the car has a pretty serious design flaw: if you completely deplete the battery, the car becomes a “brick” and can’t even be towed. Wait to you read how much it costs to replace the battery.

Of the approximately 2,200 Roadsters sold to date, a regional service manager

for Tesla stated he was personally aware of at least five cases of Tesla Roadsters being “bricked” due to battery depletion. It is unknown if there are additional cases in other regions or countries.

The 340th Tesla Roadster produced went to a customer in Santa Barbara, California. In 2011, he took his Roadster out for a drive and then parked it in a temporary garage while his home was being renovated. Lacking a built-in Tesla charger or a convenient power outlet, he left the car unplugged. Six weeks later his car was dead. It took four men two hours to drag the 2,700-pound Roadster onto a flatbed truck so that it could be shipped to Tesla’s Los Angeles area service center, all at the owner’s expense. A service manager then informed him that “it’s a brick” and that the battery would cost approximately $40,000 to replace. He was further told that this was a special “friends and family” price, strongly implying that Tesla generally charges more.

As a second Roadster owner discovered, the Tesla battery system can completely discharge even when the vehicle is plugged in. This owner’s car was plugged into a 100-foot long extension cord for an extended period. The length of this extension cord evidently reduced the electric current to a level insufficient to charge the Tesla, resulting in another “bricked” Roadster.

Read the rest at Jalopnik:  Tesla Motors’ Devastating Design Problem.

My guess is no. Obama mentioned “fair” or “fairness” a lot in his state of the union address, mostly to signal his desire to raise taxes on the wealthy. England raised the top tax rate on high-income earners to 50%, with the expectation that their tax revenues would go up by 1 billion pounds this year. Guess what?

The Treasury received £10.35 billion in income tax payments from those paying by self-assessment last month, a drop of £509 million compared with January 2011. Most other taxes produced higher revenues over the same period.

Senior sources said that the first official figures indicated that there had been “manoeuvring” by well-off Britons to avoid the new higher rate. The figures will add to pressure on the Coalition to drop the levy amid fears it is forcing entrepreneurs to relocate abroad.

The self-assessment returns from January, when most income tax is paid by the better-off, have been eagerly awaited by the Treasury and government ministers as they provide the first evidence of the success, or failure, of the 50p rate. It is the first year following the introduction of the 50p rate which had been expected to boost tax revenues from self-assessment by more than £1billion.

This quote from a tax accountant rather sums it all up:

“…it highlights the fact that high tax rates don’t always deliver high tax revenues.”

Read the rest at The Telegraph