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I wrote about this a week or so ago. Super Nanny Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC, has banned synagogues from donating food (something they’ve done for years) to homeless shelters, because they can’t accurately gauge the salt and fat content of these offerings. No kidding. Reason TV has awarded Mike their Nanny of the Month:

When the zombie apocalypse comes (or if Wile E. Obama and the ACME Economic Destruction Co. win another term), you’ll need to be completely prepared for survival. The Art of Manliness has an awesome guest post from Creek Stewart of Willow Haven Outdoor on how to build the ultimate survival shotgun. This thing is terrific, and it has almost everything you’ll need to kill zombies (or food), catch fish, start a fire, build a shelter, purify water, or send up a signal to the remaining humans.

He starts with a Mossberg 500 Pump shotgun, and adds a bunch of extras to hold extra shells, bayonet, fire-starter kit, survival kit, and lots of paracord braided into the strap. Here are some of his pictures. See the rest, and read his entire article at The Art of Manliness. (H/T Geekologie)

Click a pic to see the larger versions.

Other Zombie Apocalypse Kit items:

Z.E.R.O. Kit from Optics Planet

Hornady Zombie Max Ammo

M48 Ranger Hawk Axe

Gerber Apocalypse Kit

Trucker’s Friend

This thing looks pretty awesome. I don’t think I’d want it in white, but black or dark blue would be good. It’s only a concept, but I think this would attract a lot of buyers. From Gear Patrol

 We can’t tell you how to pronounce it, but we can say that weighs in at a mere 176 pounds due to its 90 percent aluminum frame, made lighter due to Yamaha’s proprietary process that reduces air bubbles in the construction allowing for both rigidity and thinner materials that are 30 percent lighter. The Moegi is essentially, an ultra-light, ultra fuel efficient motorcycle (powered by a single cylinder four-stroke 125cc engine). Potentially capable of 50 mph and a mindboggling 188 miles per gallon, this could just be your new ride to work.


Nice arms.

It must be good to be the queen. Michelle Obama and her daughters are headed west for a little trip to South Dakota and Vegas, part of her 17th vacation since the Petulant Boy-King took office. From Yahoo News

LAS VEGAS (AP) — First lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha are visiting Las Vegas after stopping in South Dakota on a family trip.

A spokeswoman for McCarran International Airport confirmed that the first lady was expected to arrive in Las Vegas Wednesday night. The visit wasn’t expected to affect flight operations.

White House officials say the Obamas are on a private family trip to the West.

The Obamas visited Mount Rushmore on Wednesday before heading to Las Vegas.

Wait – wasn’t it hubby Wile E. Obama, CEO of the ACME Economic Destruction Co., who said a while back “you can’t take a trip to Vegas, or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer’s dime.” Yep, he said that, but he was talking about evil oil companies, and flyover trailer trash like you and me. Mrs. Petulant Boy-King can go on a vacation to Vegas on the taxpayer’s dime whenever she damn well pleases.

Suck on that, you cake-eaters.

Nice. Check out the news report from the local CBS affiliate:

I have a couple of questions:

  1. What the hell are they doing using school time to take part in a protest? Shouldn’t they be busy learning to read and write?
  2. Why is an assistant principal involved in this escapade? Sure, it’s good that he goes into the store and turns some of the youthful delinquents around before they join the candy-stealing party, but why would the school system even assign him to the duty of having kids waste their time with this stuff? Wouldn’t their time have been better spent learning how to do some investigative journalism, so they don’t believe every race-baiting, trumped-up Al Sharpton lie that gets laid out in front of them?