Mattel Producing Mexican Barbie: Comes With Chihuahua and Passport

Political statement, or just capitalizing on growing market?



A Mexican Barbie Doll is now being manufactured by Mattel, maker of the original doll. The main difference between her “American” counterpart: documentation. While Barbies routinely come complete with any of a number of accessories ranging from a handbag to sunglasses, the Mexican Barbie doll comes with documentation and a passport.

Mattel’s Mexican Barbie comes dressed in a flowing pink dress iconic of Catherine Zeta-Jones character in the “Zorro” series, with her black hair tied with a bow and somewhat of a perm. The Mexican Barbie also has a tiny Chihuahua tucked under her left arm

The most surprising accessory is the faux passport and “sticker sheet.” No reason has been given for the extra accessory, and it would be pure speculation to say Mattel is siding with one side of the immigration issue or the other.

via Mexican Barbie: Doll Comes With Documentation And Passport : News : The Latin Times.


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