Good News! New Obama “Balanced Approach” Balances Budget…in 2055

No wonder it’s being mocked by Republicans –and criticized by Democrats. It’s a complete joke, including cutting defense spending from 9% of GDP to 2.3%, which ain’t gonna happen.

Republicans have mocked the Obama White House for talking about a “balanced approach” to debt reduction that doesn’t actually ever balance the budget. But in its 2014 budget report, Team Obama tries to create the impression that its plan does balance the budget … in the year 2055!

From the White House Office of Management and Budget:

The Budget reaches balance in 2055, when revenues and outlays are 21.5 percent of GDP, slightly higher than their levels during the budget surpluses of 1998-2001. The Federal Government is then projected to run surpluses over the remainder of the projection window, with publicly-held debt falling rapidly until it reaches zero in 2074 (see Chart 4–1). The 75-year fiscal gap disappears in the base case, becoming a fiscal surplus of 1.6 percent of GDP.

Now, the White House does add the bureaucratic caveat that these projections “are not intended to be a prediction of future legislative action, nor are they intended to reflect explicit policy proposals for the years beyond 2023; rather, they are a mechanical extrapolation of the Budget policies.”

Still, this is ridiculous.

Read James Pethokoukis’s analysis: White House: We’ll balance the federal budget … in 2055! | AEIdeas.


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