On the “Collective” Raising Our Children

You may have heard about Melissa Harris-Perry‘s creepy MSNBC promos where she basically says we need to rid ourselves of the old-fashioned notion that children belong to their parents and embrace a more “collective” approach (see here). She and the rest of the “progressives” looking out for our best interests think they should rightly be wards of the state. And, the sooner the better, so they don’t get any silly independent thoughts in their little skulls full of mush.

David Burge (Iowahawk) has a few thoughts on the left’s use of language:

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One of the creepier features of lefty language is the application of possessive pronouns. “My” is for rights (real or imagined), “your” is for responsibilities, “our” is for the stuff in my bank account they want to take. Unless it’s the case of “our responsibility” in which case they actually mean “your responsibility.” As the old saying goes, “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable.”

Nowhere is this linguistic claim-jumping more bloodcurdling than when they apply it to actual human beings: “our workers,” “our seniors,” and especially “our children.”

Oh, Melissa Harris-Perry? I have a rule. Unless you’re my wife, there ain’t no such thing as “our children.”

Maybe something noble motivates the MHP/MSNBC national paternity suit campaign. Who knows? Maybe she merely is is inviting me to share my fatherly wisdom with America’s children as if they were my own progeny. If that’s the case I invite them to shut off the damn internet, finish their damn homework, and clean up those damn pigsties they call rooms.

But I doubt it. When you put “we have to collectively educate/raise our children” into the Google Lefty Translator, you get “I want to force your kids to listen to my lectures, and I want to force you to pay me for it.”

via Yours, Mine and Ours.

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