Liberty Univ. Offers Scholarship to Eagle Scout Facing Gun Charges

Good for Liberty. This kid got a raw deal for trying to do the right thing, again demonstrating the complete ignorance of common sense exercised by school administrators. When he was overheard telling his mother to come and take home the unloaded shotgun he accidentally left in his truck (because he knew he wasn’t supposed to have it there), he was expelled and charged with a FELONY. Interesting side note: teachers and administrators who do the same get charged with a misdemeanor; one at the same school did it last year, and got a slap on the wrist.

A North Carolina Eagle Scout who was expelled and arrested for accidentally leaving a shotgun in his pickup truck in the school parking lot has been offered a scholarship to attend Liberty University. Cole Withrow was just a few weeks from graduating with honors from Princeton High School when he was arrested on Monday and slapped with a felony weapons charge. Withrow had been skeet shooting with friends a day before and had only noticed he had left his shotgun in his truck as he reached to grab his book bag. When he realized his mistake, he went to the front office and called his mother. An administrator overheard the conversation and called police.

Withrow’s story has generated national attention. Hundreds of people have joined a Facebook community to show their support. And many local parents are upset over what many believe is a case of a young man getting severely punished for trying to do the right thing.

“You teach your kids if you’re in trouble or if you see you’ve done something wrong, go ahead and admit it,” family friend Kimberly Boykin said. “Be a man and it’ll be fixed. In this case, that’s what he did and he’s being punished for it. That’s not the lesson we need to teach our kids.”

Jerry Falwell, Jr., the chancellor of Liberty University, had been traveling through North Carolina and saw a local television news account of Withrow’s ordeal. He also noticed that the 18-year-old was wearing a “Liberty University” t-shirt. Falwell told Fox News that he made a few calls and discovered that Withrow’s sister is a Liberty graduate.

“I was really impressed with what a meek and humble Christian kid he is,” Falwell said. “I thought he would be a perfect fit at Liberty.” So the chancellor made the 18-year-old an offer he couldn’t refuse. “I told him that we would give him whatever scholarships he needed to attend Liberty University,” he said. Falwell said the university is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the teenager gets a college education.“The anti-gun zealots seem to be vilifying him for making an honest mistake,” he told Fox News. “We want to reward him for trying to do the right thing.”

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