The Wreckovery Continues: U.S. Disability Beneficiaries Exceed Population of Greece

Yessir, it’s definitely lookin’ up out there. Heck, the unemployment rate is all the way down to 7.5%! There really seems to be a tidal wave of people acquiring “disabilities.” I wonder if there’s a correlation in the increase in the number of disability claims to the number of people running out of 99 weeks of unemployment?

The total number of people in the United States now receiving federal disability benefits hit a record 10,962,532 million in April, which exceeds the 10,815,197 people who live in the nation of Greece.

According to newly released data from the Social Security Administration, the record 10,962,532 total disability beneficiaries in April, included a record 8,865,586 disabled workers (up from 8,853,614 in March), 1,936,236 children of disabled workers, and 160,710 spouses of disabled workers.

According to its latest census, Greece had only 10,815,197 residents.

April was the 195th straight month that the number of American workers collecting federal disability payments increased. The last time the number of Americans collecting disability decreased was in January 1997. That month the number of workers taking disability dropped by 249 people—from 4,385,623 in December 1996 to 4,385,374 in January 1997.

As the overall number of American workers collecting disability has increased, the ratio of full-time workers to disability-collecting workers has decreased.

via 10,962,532: U.S. Disability Beneficiaries Exceed Population of Greece | CNS News.


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