Dan Snyder’s Response to Redskin Name Change Push: NEVER

I don’t pay much attention to anything Daniel Snyder does or says, but this caught my attention. Some folks are pushing to have the Redskins change their name to something less “offensive,” like “Redtails.” As long as he’s owner, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Redskins primary logo 1972-1981, 1983-present

Redskins primary logo 1972-1981, 1983-present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bravo, Dan Snyder, for not caving to politically correct BS. That’s not to say that some do-gooder busybody won’t file some kind of federal action against the team, but until that happens, I guess it’s the Redskins.

Daniel Snyder is owner of the Washington pro football team he grew up adoring. Would he ever consider changing the team name that many American Indians and others believe is a racial slur?

“We will never change the name of the team,” Snyder told USA TODAY Sports this week. “As a lifelong Redskins fan, and I think that the Redskins fans understand the great tradition and what it’s all about and what it means, so we feel pretty fortunate to be just working on next season.”

What if his football team loses an ongoing federal trademark lawsuit? Would he consider changing it then?

“We’ll never change the name,” he said. “It’s that simple. NEVER — you can use caps.”

via Daniel Snyder says Redskins will never change name.

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