The “Save Our News” Rally against Koch Purchase of LA Times: Cluelessness on Parade

It’s so funny to see “cause-jumpers” like this that think they know what they’re protesting, but when you ask them to provide details, they don’t have any idea what the hell they’re talking about. They get their marching orders from Mother Jones or The Daily Kos or some other progressive mouthpiece, but don’t engage in any sort of critical examination of the facts. gives you just a small sample of the cluelessness. Perfect example: When asked why she’s against the Kochs, specifically, purchasing the LA Times, a young woman responds “Well, uh, their record speaks for it self” – translation: I don’t have any idea why I’m opposed to it; I’m just doing what the rest of the people here are doing.

Protesters gathered outside of the Los Angeles Times building on Wednesday to speak out against the potential sale of the newspaper and other Tribune Company properties to Koch Industries, the privately held company owned by Charles and David Koch. Reason TV asked why the potential sale was so upsetting to those gathered and what they thought about possible city council actions against the Times.

Answers ranged from a fear of the Los Angeles Times being transformed into a right-wing propaganda machine to a general distrust of billionaires and/or large corporations owning media companies (despite the fact that the Tribune Company is, of course, a large corporation, and billionaires besides the Kochs are interested in the purchase).


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