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They starved to death because nurses are apparently “too busy” to feed patients. But hey, Obamacare’s going to be way better than the British system, right? Right?

As many as 1,165 people starved to death in NHS hospitals over the past four years fuelling claims nurses are too busy to feed their patients.

The Department of Health branded the figures ‘unacceptable’ and said the number of unannounced inspections by the care watchdog will increase.

According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics following a Freedom of Information request, for every patient who dies from malnutrition, four more have dehydration mentioned on their death certificate.

Critics say nurses are too busy to feed patients and often food and drink are placed out of reach of vulnerable people.

In 2011, 43 patients starved to death and 291 died in a state of severe malnutrition, while the number of patients discharged from hospital suffering from malnutrition doubled to 5,558.

via Nearly 1,200 people have starved to death in NHS hospitals because ‘nurses are too busy to feed patients’ | Mail Online.

I can’t figure why anyone would think the economy is in any sort of recovery mode. Everything Wile E. Obama and the ACME Economic Destruction Co has done, and will do, is designed to crush economic growth. From the hugely wasteful stimulus bill, Obamacare, “green” energy projects, and the EPA’s war on fossil fuels are just a sampling of the fail this administration’s dishing out.

The economics expert they quote here says this is “rare.” Really? How many times in the last two years have GDP growth estimates been revised downward from their initial reports? I think it’s more than a couple, but I’ll have to check on that.

The key sentence is the last one in this snippet: “estimates point to more of the same.”

Gross domestic product — the broadest measure of economic activity — rose at a mere 1.8% annual pace between January and March, marking a sharp downward revision from the 2.4% pace reported by the Commerce Department last month.

The government revises its GDP figures several times, but economists weren’t expecting such a dramatic change from the third estimate.”This was certainly unexpected and, I believe, rare,” said Jennifer Lee, senior economist with BMO Capital Markets, referring to the revision.

The weaker figures came primarily from revisions to consumer spending, exports and commercial real estate. Consumer spending, which alone accounts for roughly two-thirds of the GDP measure, rose at a 2.6% annualized pace in the first quarter, according to the revisions. That’s down from the 3.4% pace the Commerce Department estimated in its prior report.

Meanwhile, spending on nonresidential buildings shrunk 8.3% in the first quarter, offsetting some of the economic boost from the ongoing housing recovery.U.S. exports to other countries contracted, and government spending cuts continued to be the largest drag on economic growth.

Economists have already turned their attention to studying how the economy fared in the spring. Their estimates point to more of the same slow growth.

via U.S. economy looks weaker, as GDP data is revised – Jun. 26, 2013.

With only 250 available each day, folks are waiting in lines for hours – or paying people to wait in line for hours- to get one of the sweet treats. Though it retails for $5, some have paid up to $50 to get one.

Last Friday at 8 a.m., a line of 20- and 30-somethings stretched down an entire block of Spring Street.

Armed with folding chairs, board games and iPads, they might have been queuing for summer’s hottest concert ticket.

Instead, the hungry hordes were waiting for a bakery to open.

Last month, Dominique Ansel Bakery introduced a new pastry dubbed the cronut that has sparked hysteria reminiscent of Beatlemania.


Half-croissant, half-doughnut and wholly artery-clogging, the $5 creme-filled confection melds sweet and tart flavors. There’s only one version available at any time, and flavors change monthly. Available now is a lemon-maple glazed edition.

Astrid Stawiarz/NY Post

Jeni Mistretta paid a line-sitter $25 to get her a cronut.

Speculation about new flavors runs high, as does the black-market pricing.

The bakery produces only 250 cronuts a day — and there’s a limit of two per person. They go on sale at 8 each morning, but a line begins to form at 6. Once the doors open, groups of 20 people are herded inside the shop.

The phenomenon has many New Yorkers desperate to get their paws on the pastry by any means.

That’s opened the door to industrious entrepreneurs who see plenty of dough to be made, camping out at the bakery hours in advance and then charging up to $50 per cronut (a 900 percent markup).

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Well, they’re going to be back on the shelves next month. That’s cause for some celebration, right?

Hostess is betting on a sweet comeback for Twinkies when they return to shelves next month.

The company that went bankrupt after an acrimonious fight with its unionized workers last year is back up and running under new owners and a leaner structure. It says it plans to have Twinkies and other snack cakes back on shelves starting July 15.

Based on the outpouring of nostalgia sparked by its demise, Hostess is expecting a blockbuster return next month for Twinkies and other sugary treats, such as CupCakes and Donettes. The company says the cakes will taste the same but that the boxes will now bear the tag line “The Sweetest Comeback In The History Of Ever.”

via News from The Associated Press.