Cool Idea: Inflight Cup Holder

If you’ve flown at all, you’ve had the problem this gadget is try to solve: you bought a coffee or soda right before you boarded, and when you’re in the taxi/takeoff stage of the flight there’s no where to put the thing (except in the seat-back pocket, or between your legs, which doesn’t work too well)! Elizabeth Lueschow and Hallare Design have come up with a solution:

The Hallare Design cup holder solves the problem of where to put your cup of coffee or soda on an airplane. It is simple, stowable and reusable. Our design works on virtually any airplane as it simply clips to the seat back pocket immediately in front of you, holding your beverage cup securely while keeping it easily accessible. No more holding your coffee between you legs. No more stuffing your cup into the seat back pocket. No more lids popping off. No more spilled drinks. The Hallare Design cup holder takes care of the problem.

If you’d like to get one of these cool holders, check out and make a contribution to their Kickstarter project. You can see the status of their effort in the right column nearby.

  1. I saw your write up about the Hallare Design cup holder. Please check out my invention, which has dual use . We are on kickstarter as well with a current promotion. Please contact me as I want to get my idea out to as many people as possible.



    • marfdrat said:

      Karl – I did check out – awesome idea, even better than the Hallare Design. Looks like you’re pretty close to the end of your fundraising period, but I’ll publish a post about it anyway – just because it’s a cool idea.

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