Iowahawk Slams Media and Eric Holder on Zimmerman Case

David Burge (Iowahawk) is one of my favorites on Twitter. Yesterday, he took aim (wait – can I say that?) at Eric Holder and the Department of Justice for their handling of the George Zimmerman case, and the media for basically ignoring the deaths of many young black men in Chicago since Trayvon Martin was killed.





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  1. MulroyBay said:

    Speaking of barking seals… The reason this story gained national attention was that a 17 year old kid armed with Skittles was shot to death in a gated community and the somewhat clueless shooter was released with little investigation. Sure it played into a racial narrative, which was something of a distraction since the central problem was the inevitable damage done by armed incompetents.

    The first two tweets are non-sequiturs. There have been several thousand people killed since Martin. They lack the elements that make for a national story- an apparently innocent victim, a bungled investigation, a self-righteous prosecution, an attractive suspect, kinky sex. (The last two didn’t apply in this case but they are a surefire recipe to get Nancy Grace’s head spinning.)

    Iowahawk’s last two tweets are a weak argument to drag the justice department and Eric Holder into the frame. The weakness comes from the lack of connection to reality. The justice department did not organize protests, and is not fanning the flames of vigilantism. They are just trying to buy time for passions to cool down before saying that, no, there are not Federal Hate Crime prosecutions in the offing.

    This is all about prejudicial narrative. Zimmerman thought a young man wandering around the community looked suspicious and followed him. Martin thought that Zimmerman looked creepy and dangerous and somehow got a significant upper hand until the gun came out.

    Iowahawk sees the Obama Administration in a hoodie wandering around the gated community of “Real America.” The truth, as always, is far more banal. And tragic.

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