Hillary For President? Why?

hillary - what difference does it make

What difference does it make?

I personally think Hillary Clinton would be almost as useless as president as Barack H. Obama has been – which is to say pretty useless (unless, of course, you’re all for implementing a progressive Utopia where the economy is in the crapper, and lawlessness and corruption infest the government). John Hinderaker is writing about the rush to create documentaries and movies about Hillary that paint her in as fantastic a light as possible (wait ’til you see the women they’re considering to play her; it’s laughable)- she’s worthy to be president, according to the folks rushing to make them.  He finishes, though, with a thought that I’ve written here myself. Hillary has never accomplished anything, except to be Bill Clinton’s wife, and capitalize on the political capital of his coattails.

The funny thing about Hillary Clinton is how vastly her reputation exceeds her accomplishments. In reality, the only reason anyone has heard of her is that she married Bill Clinton. Otherwise, she would have toiled away as an obscure, reasonably competent if obnoxious lawyer. She was a relatively unpopular First Lady who is best remembered for being embarrassed by her husband’s serial infidelities. She served a brief term as a Senator from New York, a role in which she achieved nothing. Then she lost the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama, and punched her ticket during a singularly unsuccessful stint as Secretary of State. Never has she had an original thought, formulated a successful strategy, or stepped out of the shadow of her singular husband.

Of course, having achieved nothing didn’t stop people from voting for Barack Obama, either.

Read the whole thing:  Hillary For President! | Power Line.

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  1. MulroyBay said:

    Nonsense… and sexist nonsense at that. There was nothing mediocre about Hillary Clinton from her school days. She first gained national press with her commencement speech at Wellesly and graduated at the top of her law class at Yale. Bill Clinton’s success- and his political survival- were due in large part to his political partnership with his wife. You can make a case that he would not have been President without her.

    This does not mean she would make a great President herself, but seeing someone with first hand experience in executive power, who has been both a senator and the Secretary of State, as a mere handmaiden who owes her position to her marriage is absurd.

    Would W have had a political career without HW? Would there be a Rand Paul without Ron? Or a Mitt Romney without George? Association with fame is a springboard to political power. Seeing that potential in Bill Clinton, putting up with his character flaws, is probably the reason that Hillary married him.

    But why did he marry her? What she brought to the table, ambition, focus, intelligence- aren’t those the things that make an effective candidate?

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