Stuff I Didn’t Know: It’s Possible to Drown in a Spacesuit – In Space

Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano nearly did, as his spacesuit malfunctioned, and began filling his helmet up with water.

Writing in his online blog Luca Parmitano described how the water sloshed around inside his helmet outside the International Space Station (ISS) and gradually rose to cover his nose and eyes.

The former test pilot wrote: “By now, the upper part of the helmet is full of water and I can’t even be sure that the next time I breathe I will fill my lungs with air and not liquid.”

Mr Parmitano, 36, a major in the Italian Air Force making just his second spacewalk, wasn’t sure which direction to head to reach the station’s hatch.

He tried to contact his spacewalking partner, American Christopher Cassidy, and Mission Control. Their voices grew faint, and no one could hear him.

“I’m alone. I frantically think of a plan. It’s vital that I get inside as quickly as possible,” he wrote.

Read the whole thing: Astronaut Tells Of Near-Drowning On Spacewalk.


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