“Your Premiums Will Go Down $2,500”: Premiums to Increase Up to 125% in Wisconsin Due to Obamacare

Yet another state has joined the parade of those announcing that health care insurance premiums will indeed NOT go down $2500, or any amount, because of Wile E. Obama’s outstandingly stupendous health care law. They will instead go up. Thanks, Obama. Your ACME Economic Destruction Co. plan to revive the economy is going exactly on schedule.

“Half a million Wisconsinites will soon have to open up their pocket books for health care coverage,” says a local anchor. “And new estimates show, it may be costly. … The state’s office of the commissioner of insurance released estimates of how premium rates for individuals will be changing under the Affordable Care Act.”

The second anchor adds, “Yeah, for people who have no insurance or who may not have insurance those numbers show a wide range of increases- from 10-percent on the low end to as much as 125-percent. And with the requirement for individuals to have insurance set to start in less than a month, the law remains controversial.”

Adds the reporter, “According to the state’s office of the commissioner of insurance, there will be drastic premium increases as a result. The office compiled date from 8 cities for $2,000 deductible plans for three different age groups. The study did not include the numbers of actual estimated costs, only percentages. In Appleton a 21-year-old’s cost would increase 54- percent, a 40-year-old’s about 37-percent, and a 63- year-old’s about 32-percent.”

via Report: Health Care Premiums to Increase Up to 125% in Wisconsin Due to Obamacare | The Weekly Standard.


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