Navy Yard Shooting: The Rabid Anti-Gun Crowd Remains Unmoved.

The idea that trained military personnel aren’t allowed to carry military-issue weapons on military bases almost seems insane, doesn’t it? Yet this seemingly insane policy has helped contribute to the body count at two U.S. military bases in recent memory (and countless other “gun-free” locations like VT and Newtown). The anti-gun crowd remains steadfastly opposed to the idea that law-abiding, gun-carrying citizens (or even trained military personnel) would have ended these situations a lot sooner. Here is more evidence.

A friend and LI reader, who has to remain anonymous because of his job, sent me an email last night about Marty Bodrog, who was killed in the Navy Yard shooting:

My USNA ’81 classmate Marty Bodrog was killed yesterday by the douchebag at the Navy Yard.

Here’s the thing. The very first week of training at the Naval Academy in July 1977 during “plebe summer” we woke up at about 0600 and the second thing we did (after PT) was to go across the Severn River on boats to the Annapolis Naval Station to the shooting range, where we were all (1000 or so of us) trained by enlisted (many Vietnam veteran) Marines in how to shoot a Navy 45 caliber pistol.

By the end of the week I shot expert and was awarded the Navy Expert Pistol Medal. Not everyone did that, but we were all exceptionally well trained.

I have no doubt that if Marty was armed he would be alive and that douchebag would be dead. It is such a tragedy.

Just thought I’d share, since no one will ever bring up anything like this.

When help is needed in seconds, the “authorities” with guns are only minutes away.

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