“Best and Brightest” to Fix Obamacare Site in Tech Surge. For $500 Million, Shouldn’t They Have Done That First?

The rollout of the Obamacare website, healthcare.gov, has been a complete well-documented disaster. The government, in its classic incapable manner, managed to spend half a BILLION dollars for a site that just doesn’t work. Take heart, working-class tax-dollar generators: they’re going to fix it. At what cost to you, we’re not sure, but they claim they’ll have the “best and brightest” working on it.

Just curious – if you were going to blow through $500 million to build a website that was a critical component of your signature legislative accomplishment, wouldn’t you get your “best and brightest” to work on it the first time around?

This Politico piece says that HHS “won’t say” what’s wrong with the site. My guess is they don’t have any idea.

The Obama administration Sunday said it’s called on “the best and brightest” tech experts from both government and the private sector to help fix the troubled website at the root of the Obamacare enrollment problems.

The unusual Sunday 600-word blog post from HHS was the first update in more than a week on the many failings of an expensive website that HHS itself described as “frustrating for many Americans.” But it didn’t specify who the administration had called in, or when the American people would see clear-cut results on Healthcare.gov.

“We’re kind of thinking of it as a tech ‘surge,’” an HHS official told POLITICO. The Health and Human Services statement didn’t explain everything that’s wrong, or give technical details about the repairs underway. It outlined some steps being taken to fix the site, including updates with “new code that includes bug fixes.” The department also says it’s installing monitors to catch parts of the website that are proving the most troublesome for consumers. And it also said it had seen some improvements in wait times and consumer access to the website, the online portal to health insurance exchanges or marketplaces the federal government is running in 36 states.

via Tech ‘surge’ to tackle Obamacare websites – Jason Millman – POLITICO.com.


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