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This is a fine looking watch. From Uncrate:

…with a stainless steel case coated in black PVD, a triple-coated, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and water resistance down to ten atmospheres, these watches definitely live up to their name. They feature self-winding swiss mechanical movement, luminous hands and hour markers, a nylon strap with a deployant clasp, and a four-blade-rotor second hand alluding to the Cougar AS 532 helicopter.


You can get the Victorinox Swiss Army Alpnach Chrono at Amazon, for considerably less than MSRP.

Governments at all levels continue to trample on the rights of the citizens that elected them. There has to be a stopping place for these kinds of intrusions on personal liberty. I guess as long as we keep electing these types, this is what we’ll get.

San Rafael residents will no longer be allowed to smoke in their homes thanks to a new ordinance passed by the city council. Under the new bill, residents of the California city will be subject to the toughest anti-smoking law in the country.

Under Assembly Bill 746, it would be illegal for people to smoke in their home if it shares a wall with another housing unit.

From National Review Online

Not sure I’d ever have a use for a card as unique and, uh, edible as this, but it’s a neat idea.

Created by a company named Meat Cards, these unconventional name cards are

made by laser-etching the necessary details onto slabs of tough dried meat. While these cards are perishable, they can actually stay edible for up to an entire year—they may not be for everyone, but they seem particularly apt for certain businesses, such as a survival training school. Check out Meat Cards’ website for more information on how you can have your own beef jerky business card made—currently there is no standard pricing and “everything’s negotiable”.

via Meat Cards: Business Cards Made Of Beef Jerky Stay Edible For A Year –

A poster that illustrated the tens of millions killed by progressive social movements was too much for officials at Duquesne, so they told the student who hung it to take it down. Likely most of the administrators and faculty at the school are progressive liberals and the unpleasant facts are just a little too nasty to have to look at.  Let’s sweep those facts under the rug, and keep peddling the virtues of a progressive collectivist society – kinda like the one Barack Obama is driving us toward.

The poster, which featured a picture of human skulls and bones, the number of people murdered by leaders of various “progressive social movements” – nearly 100 million people – and the phrase “Leftist Ideas: Progressing Toward Tyranny,” was apparently “too off-putting,” sophomore Bridget Seelinger, 20, said she was told.

On Monday, Nov. 18, she met with a campus administrator who told her the skulls poster was too upsetting to allow to hang in the school’s largest dorm, she said in an interview with The College Fix.

“I am upset about the censorship,” said Seelinger, a nursing major at the private, Catholic institution in Pittsburg. “I understand if it was racist or included death threats, but something like that is virtually harmless. I don’t understand why anyone had a problem with it, and why skulls are so scary.”

University officials did not respond to a request by The College Fix for comment on Wednesday.

Seelinger, president of the College Republicans at the university, said the posters were provided by Young America’s Foundation for its “Freedom Week” campaign, which aims to recognize the Nov. 9 anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, as well as Veterans Day. In addition to the posters, high school and college students across the country also undertake other projects as part of the commemoration, such as build and then tear down a mock Berlin Wall.

Patrick Coyle, vice president of Young America’s Foundation, said he found the censorship surprising for a Catholic university, “considering the role Pope John Paul II played in bringing down communism.”

The skulls poster was one of three created for the Freedom Week observance.

“The goal of the (skulls) poster is to underscore the number of individuals who have been murdered by collectivist governments,” Coyle stated in an email. “Sometimes, the truth hurts. There are professors and administrators on our campuses who still embrace collectivist ideas, and it shocks them when we point out how many have fallen victim to their ideas.”

via University Forbids Poster That Takes A Stand Against Communism.