Wanna Get Rid of Pesky Teenage Loiterers? Play Classical Music

That’s what a McDonald’s in Australia has done, and so far it’s pretty effective. The older folks seem to like it, though.

A McDonald’s outlet in Australia has begun playing classical musical and opera late at night to deter young people from loitering around the restaurant.Fed up with their outlet’s nocturnal

transformation into an unofficial youth club, the store adopted the tactic a few weeks ago and says it has significantly reduced the number of loiterers, particularly around the car park. The strategy has reportedly been tried before by a local council at a car park in Australia, though previous efforts involved blaring songs by Barry Manilow.Matthew Watson, the operations manager at the Mt Annan McDonalds on the outskirts of Sydney, said the music had been a successful deterrent.”Weve noticed a reduction in the number of young people hanging around, but well have to reassess it properly in a couple of weeks,” the stores operations manager, Matthew Watson, told the Macarthur Chronicle newspaper.”We play a range of classical and opera music and so far it seems to be working.”

via McDonalds restaurant turns to opera to drive out loitering teenagers – Telegraph.


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