Stuff I Didn’t Know: You Can Cook Complete Meals with Your Coffee Maker

Your coffee maker can steam, poach, boil, and grill a variety of foods, enabling you to concoct complete meals – right before you use it to make that after-dinner cup of joe.

Do you know that your humble coffee maker is capable of producing a lot more that just coffee? Surprisingly, one can quickly and easy whip up an entire breakfast or dinner with it.

NPR recently highlighted a couple of recipes that can be cooked using just a coffee maker—while there is usually little need to resort to this method at home with a fully equipped kitchen, it can be very useful to travelers, students living in dorms or even soldiers in war zones who are sick of the food in the mess hall.

There are three main ways to cook with a coffee maker: steam using the basket at the top, poach with the carafe at the bottom and grill with the appliance’s burner.

What do you think—is cooking with the coffee maker a fun and novel idea or is it just a little too odd for you?

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