Sriracha Shortage? Thank California’s Overzealous and Arbitrary Regulations

No one’s ever gotten sick from eating the sauce, but California has suddenly found it necessary to shut down shipments of Sriracha hot sauce.

Public health officials in California have taken the drastic step of ordering the maker of Sriracha chili sauce to cease selling the popular condiment in the green-topped squeeze bottle for a month even though no one has ever complained about any problems with the sauce.

The shipping hold, which could mean some store shelves will be empty until mid-January, turned a spotlight on one of America’s most unusual corporate success stories: the tale of an ethnic Chinese culinary entrepreneur whose success and company growth has suddenly – and, to some, oddly – run into regulatory roadblocks.

More immediately, the California Department of Public Health alarmed chefs, hot sauce fans, and foodies around the US when it ordered David Tran’s Rosemead, Calif.-based company, Huy Fong, to stop shipping its ubiquitous chili-sugar-vinegar concoction so the state can test whether sauce made at a new production facility is safe to splash on food.

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