Al Gore, Call Your Office: Antarctic Ice in 2013 A Record 19.51 Million Sq Km

That’s the amount of Antarctic ice measured in 2013, a record. This number was part of an article in Investors Business Daily that was noting the irony of the climate scientists who insist that the ice is disappearing from Earth being trapped so securely in ice that icebreakers couldn’t get them out. Hilariously, the alarmists still insisted on saying the sea ice is disappearing in their statement about having to be rescued.

In 2013, the ice reached 19.51 million square kilometers, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center website.

That number topped the record-high level set in 2012 of 19.48 million square kilometers. The Australasian Antarctic Expedition has now found itself trapped in some of that ice as its leaders try to explain away the ice’s presence.

Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, a professor of geology at Western Washington University, points out that the East Antarctic sheet, which contains about 90% of the world’s fresh water, is not melting, but expanding.

Rather than look at the much bigger picture, the alarmists selectively focus on the West Antarctic Peninsula, which holds less than 10% of Antarctic ice. South Pole temperature data show no warming since records began in 1957.

The facts are that global temperatures have flat-lined for the last 15 years, the sun has entered a solar lull in terms of sunspot activity and both the Arctic and Antarctic are gaining record amounts of ice.

Himalayan glaciers that were supposed to disappear and islands that were supposed to sink under rising sea levels are still there.

These explorers are not only trapped in Antarctic sea ice, but in a climate myth of their own making.

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