Stuff I Built: Pine Forest Pavilion

IMG_9450IMG_9451IMG_9452Pavilion viewStaked outWork in progress
Work in progressWork in progressWork in progressWork in progressWork in progressWork in progress
Work in progressWork in progressWork in progressWork in progressWork in progressDay 3
Day 3Day 3Day 3Day 3Day 3Day 3

Pine Forest Pavilion, a set on Flickr.

I got the idea for this back in April of 2013 when we were harvesting wood from a 50+ year-old chicken house that my uncle was removing to build his house on my great-grandfather’s farm in Nottoway County, VA. For several years, I’ve thought it would be great to have a place to get out of the sun or rain when we were down at the pond fishing, and it would also be a nice place for us to gather for picnics.

Initially I was going to try and use the red oak from the chicken house, but it wasn’t really straight enough to use for this purpose. I’ll probably build some furniture for the pavilion out of the chicken house wood.

I drew a sketch of it in a notebook in late June, and showed it to my Mom sometime in September. She liked it, and said to give her a materials list, and she would have the lumber company over in Burkeville deliver it.

I finally got around to starting on November 11 – digging the post holes by hand, since my uncles (who live on other parts of the farm) were out of town – they were going to dig the holes with an auger attachment on a tractor. I worked on it by myself through the installation of the plywood on the roof. My son helped me to put the roofing material on one Saturday in early December.

I built the fire pit and added the finishing touches, wood-wise, to it just in time for our family’s Christmas get-together on the 28th of December. We lit the inaugural fire in the pit, and had some s’mores after dinner that night.

There are a few finishing touches I’d like to add: some kind of lighting in the pavilion, and a way to light the path down the hill from my Mom’s house, which is about 300 feet through the pines. Once I figure out how to do that, I’ll post an update.


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