D.C. Man Dies of Heart Attack – Across the Street from a Fire Station

This is sad, and it raises so many questions about why the fireman said “we can’t help unless we’re dispatched.” Do union rules forbid it? Does their insurance coverage forbid it? Aren’t folks -not just professionals- covered by Good Samaritan laws when they attempt to help someone in distress? There just doesn’t seem to be any reasonable explanation for why the firefighters couldn’t grab their equipment and walk across the street to help.

The investigation is growing into why D.C. firefighters ignored a woman’s plea for help after her father had a heart attack across the street from a firehouse last week. Medric Mills died while he waited for help. Now Mayor Gray is responding.

Marie Mills describes what happened last Saturday at the Northeast shopping center where her father, 77-year-old Mills, collapsed of a heart attack in a parking lot across Rhode Island Avenue from Engine 26 Fire Station.

“We looked across the street at the fire station. There was a firefighter that was actually standing against the fire apparatus that was in the fire station observing. Everybody started trying to wave him over.”

But the firefighter reportedly told them he had to be dispatched first.

“I even ran to the curb and said, ‘Are you going to help me or let my dad die?'” said Marie.

After the firefighter wouldn’t budge, a witness says he wouldn’t even help when asked by a police officer:

via Cecil Mills, 77, dies across the street from D.C. fire station | WJLA.com.


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