How was Young Barack Obama In Two Places at the Same Time?

Of course this will be immediately dismissed by lots of folks as conspiracy theory stuff, but it’s pretty interesting how any examination of the facts of the president’s early life just don’t stack up with the story we’ve been presented, or are not verifiable. Missing people; missing records, so many coincidences.

You will note that the Hawaii Business link features a 1967 Noelani Elementary School photo of the kindergartener “Barry Obama” (Soebarkah??) in the third row.

I thought we were told that Soebarkah was in Indonesia at kindergartener age?

Upon reflection, though, there is obviously no problem here.  Soebarkah, by way of a highly classified Subud incantation, perhaps simply folded time and space and was in both locales at once.

Or, was he a kindergartener preparing for college — genius supreme that he incontrovertibly is?

Or not.

Of course Soebarkah himself did not fold time and space; of course he is not a genius supreme.

The genuine, non-conspiratorial explanation is much more mundane.

Soebarkah lived in Indonesia, then appeared in Hawaii for a very brief spell, then moved right back to Indonesia, and then back to Hawaii again.

Noelani Elementary School claas picture of BO

According to all the biographical information we’ve been presented with about Obama, he was in Indonesia when this picture was taken. Or not.

We can confirm this by consulting Department of Education records.

Except we can’t, of course, because by mere happenstance the Department of Education “has been unable to find his records.”

Perhaps instead we could simply examine the 1965 passport of Stanley Ann Dunham?  Nope; the State Department informs us that Dunham’s passport materials were destroyed as a matter of routine.

Clearly, these sorts of thing often happen.

Just as it frequently happens that the National Student Clearinghouse — responsible for collegiate education verification — goes back and forth on a whether a person was enrolled at an institution for one year or two years — as it did with Soebarkah.

via Articles: Barack Hussein Soebarkah: In Two Places at the Same Time?.


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