So Much to Talk about, and Not a Thing to Say

There’s a group of people who come here looking for…something. It has gotten smaller of late, and I’m having a hard time spending bmashburn-monkeythe time to find stuff to pass on, or about which to opine. It has gone on for a while now. There’s plenty of stuff to talk about, but I don’t have much of anything to say. I still get pissed off or care passionately about the stuff that I started this little soapbox for, and I yell about it from my even smaller soapbox in my own house, but they only want to hear so much before they tune me out.

It may have something to do with the death of my daughter-in-law back in January. She was 26, and was diagnosed with cancer only 9 months before. She and my son had been married for 15 months. Total. I sat down and prepared some notes to write about that back in early February, but I haven’t yet been able to put it to paper yet. I don’t’ really want to, because it will lend a certain finality to that truth.

Anyway, if you come here looking for stuff and don’t find anything new, I apologize. I may get my groove back in the next couple of weeks – or, I may not. I might switch to blogging about something else entirely. Or I might just quit. Economics and politics these days is mostly a lot of stuff to yell about, and nothing positive to say. Or maybe it just seems that way. I still find a lot of interesting things that I think others would find interesting too, so maybe that’s where I’ll focus.


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