It’s a Sad Day: NBC has Finished ruining The Weather Channel

I used to love The Weather Channel. Every day it was the first thing I turned on when I get ready for work. I loved the “local on the 8’s” because I was sure I’d see the local forecast at least once while I was getting ready.

When NBC first bought TWC, they dumped all the on-air talent that had been with the channel for a long time. They’ve replaced them with Barbie and Ken-type “personalities”, some of which are pretty good. Others, like Stephanie Abrams and Jen Carfagno, make me cringe every time I see them trying to be cool and relevant. Spare me. I just want the weather.

Today, I turn on TWC to get news of the latest snowstorm in Virginia, and what do I see? Sam Champion (some other network’s long time weather retread) and two other dim bulbs chatting it up about YouTube videos or some other pop-culture idiocy. Torture. Just give me the guys and gals talking about the seven day forecast, and all the nuances of THE WEATHER, and leave all the pop culture BS to those three (or four, which is it? I don’t care) networks that have been doing it for years.

Thanks, TWC. Now I have to find something else to tune in to in the morning. I guess there’s still ESPN.


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