ZTP: School District Reverses – Iowa Student Won’t be Suspended for Having BB Gun in Car OFF CAMPUS

Should it be a suspending offense -or a criminal offense- to carry a BB gun in your car? The school district had suspended him for a day when some pants-wetting parent noticed he Zero Tolerance = Zero Common Sensehad a BB gun in his car, which wasn’t even parked on campus. Now, they say they won’t “discipline” him. Doesn’t suspending him from school for a day constitute discipline? Also, the local cops are going to charge him with a misdemeanor for having the “weapon” in the car. I read the statute they referenced in the article, and it seems to refer to concealing a weapon on or about your person. I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know for sure. The interpretation of these words will be up to a judge somewhere. It didn’t seem to me like he was trying to conceal anything. Hope he has a good lawyer so these yokels don’t end up making an “example” of him.

The Dubuque Senior High School student suspended Wednesday for having an exposed BB gun lying in a car parked off, but near, school campus will not face disciplinary action, the district says.

On Friday, Dubuque Community School District Director of School and Community Relations Mike Cyze said following the district’s investigation into the incident, officials will not discipline the student. Cyze said the one-day suspension that happened on Wednesday was never a disciplinary action; that’s just standard procedure during an investigation. Nothing – not even the suspension – will go on the student’s permanent record.

On Wednesday, the parent noticed what appeared to be a gun in a students car parked off campus. The parent called police who responded and confiscated what turned out to be a BB gun. The student was then suspended for the day while the district investigated.

Since reporting the story many have questioned why the extreme measures if the BB gun was parked in a car off school property. In an interview with KWWL, Lt. Scott Baxter with the Dubuque Police Department said he stands by the departments decisions.

“We’ve received multiple calls today from all over the country. The story is apparently gaining national attention in regard to how the school district handled it and how we handled it,” Lt. Scott Baxter said Friday, “Student safety is the top priority for both of us, all the time. The school district acted within their policies and procedures and we acted within our policies and procedures, the Constitution in this case. We understand the second amendment and how important that is to people. We understand some of the concerns that people felt, maybe that we or the school over-stepped our boundaries, but we feel the exact opposite. We responded accordingly and with the top priority being student safety. We feel that in this case it could have been a potentially deadly situation. We have this individuals seen brandishing a weapon right across the street from a high school and within a few hundred feet of a college. So we have potentially 1,600 high school students and how many thousand college students in that immediate area. This gun looks realistic, we have no reason to believe it is not-real. Given what has happened in this country in the last 20-30 years with active killer situations, mass killings, we can’t afford to treat these situations lightly, to fail to respond, and then have something happen. Regardless of how we responded it there are going to be critics, there are going to be people that question us as to how we responded and that’s fine we are used to that. Our top priority again is keeping the community safe and especially students safe.”

via UPDATE: No discipline for Dubuque student suspended after BB gun – KWWL – Eastern Iowa Breaking News, Weather, Closings.


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