How Long Before the Bubble Bursts? 50 Colleges Now Charge More Than $60,000 Per Year

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This is getting ridiculous. I’m wondering when young people will realize (perhaps they have, but feel there’s no other alternative) that paying this much for college puts you at a substantial financial disadvantage when you’re graduated and are actually trying to make it in the world. The payments on those education loans (which may not be forgivable) are going to consume a tremendous portion of disposable income, and will go on for a long time. No wonder so many twenty-somethings are still living at home.

As a famous economist once said “things that can’t go on forever, won’t.”

As the average cost of higher education in America continues to rise, at least 50 American colleges and universities are now charging students more than $60,000 per year.We found these numbers by examining the average cost of tuition, fees, room, and board that an incoming student would face over the 2014-15 academic year. Check out a more in-depth breakdown of the 20 most expensive colleges here >>While these direct costs are a significant portion of the total cost of college, they alone do not reveal the true financial burden of higher education — students are also responsible for paying for textbooks, travel costs, and, of course, any social expenses. These “indirect costs” can often add up to an extra $2,000.The most expensive school in the country for the upcoming school year is Harvey Mudd College, charging $64,527 — $48,694 in tuition and fees, and $15,833 for room and board.Last year, only nine colleges charged more than $60,000. New York University — then the most expensive school — cost $61,977.

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via 50 Colleges Charge More Than $60,000 Per Year – Business Insider.


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