Cool Kickstarter Project: BevTender Cup Holder

I posted about a project similar to this about a year ago. The BevTender cupholder is designed to address the same problem: airplanes and other modes of transportation don’t have cup holders. On a plane, you invariably end up putting that expensive cup of coffee between your legs (and squeeze too hard) or in the seat-back pocket (where it gets squashed, and the coffee ends up on your shoes). Karl Moore’s design for a versatile and easy-to-carry cup holder looks like a winner. Back it on Kickstarter. Eventually, one of these things is going to make it, and millions of people will buy them. I know I’ll buy one.

  1. Hallare is up and running……buy your cupholder today.

    • marfdrat said:

      Thanks Jasin; I’ll check it out.

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