What the hell is marfdrat?  

I have been asked, on occasion, to explain the origin of this moniker.  It’s not an acronym, or any sort of clever creation on my part. It is the serendipitous product of a clothing store’s mistake, and my daughter Lindsey’s once-upon-a-time fascination with turning words backwards.

In 1999, I bought a bunch of dress clothing from a well-known retailer. To get a discount, I signed up for, and charged all this clothing on their “preferred customer” card.  When the company processed my application, they made a pretty significant mistake in spelling my name on the card.  Instead of “Franklin” as my first name, they printed, on an otherwise-attractive credit-style card… “Framklin”.

Lindsey extracted a great deal of glee from this particular mistake.

lindsey at the game

Image by marfdrat via Flickr

“Hi, I’m Framklin, and I’m a preferrrrrred customer!” she would playfully mock.  About that time, she and her brother would spend a lot of time turning words backwards for fun.  Food Lion become Doof Noil, speed limit was converted to deeps timil, Ukrops was Sporku (with a “yoo” on the end) and so on.  One day, for reasons I can’t recall, she expressed her frustration with me (over something that was undoubtedly important to her) by referring to me not as Framklin, but Framtard.

Framtard was quickly broken out into two words, and, in her habit of that time, Fram Tard became marfdrat. I squeezed it back into one word, and adopted it a while ago as my online persona. It’s my little reminder that I should never get carried away with who I am, or what I’ve done, because most people in the world just don’t care.  I’m just marfdrat.

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    • Thanks for the feedback, David. Read your GovMo article – looks like somebody is gettin’ paid, but it ain’t Joe Shareholder. Glad I don’t own any of that dog – oh, wait – I do.

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