I have a favorite place in downtown Richmond, VA, where I like to take pictures near sunset. The floodwall walk on the south side of the James River is a perfect spot for getting the downtown buildings, their reflections on the water in the James, and reflections of the setting sun on the facades of the buildings. Here are a few that I took just recently. You can see more of this set, and my other photos, on Flickr

Sun sets on Richmond

IMG_9537.CR2IMG_9550.CR2IMG_9559.CR2Night settles on downtown Richmond


Richmond’s annual Independence Day fireworks display was delayed by the threat of Hurricane Arthur, so they were held on the 5th. To avoid the huge crowd on Brown’s Island, we went down to the floodwall on the south side of the James River to watch. The fireworks were the usual kind of good, but I found myself looking across the river to catch the reflections in the buildings of downtown.

I hadn’t taken any pictures with film in a long time – maybe 25 or 30 years. My friend Bruce gave me (yes, gave me) a Nikon film camera with a case and a roll of film. It took me forever (actually only a couple of months, but still too long) to actually load the film and go out looking for something to photograph. I think I was scared I wouldn’t remember how to do film anymore. I ended up shooting a couple of rolls, but only about half of them were worth keeping.

I like the look of the film photos. The grain visible in them reminds of pictures from my past – the ones my Mom and Dad took of us when we were kids.