Need a website for your business? Want to start blogging?

Getting started can be a little overwhelming, if you’re not familiar with domains, hosting services, FTP, social media plugins, and a hundred other little details.

Not to worry – I can help you navigate the treacherous straits (okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration – but it can be intimidating) of setting up a blog or business site, and get you started toward achieving your online goals. With a brief consultation about your goals, I can get you set up in pretty short order using WordPress, the best blogging and website platform in the universe (another exaggeration, but it’s really good, and very flexible).

Services include:

  • Domain name acquisition
  • Hosting service setup
  • Installation of WordPress software
  • Screening and recommendation of themes and plugins based on your goals and needs
  • Installation and tuning of themes and desired plugins
  • Setup, installation, and tuning of:
    • analytics tools (Google Analytics, Woopra, Sitemeter)
    • revenue generation tools like Google Adsense and Amazon Associates programs (others possible)
    • social media services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others
  • Training to get you started managing your own content, ad programs, and social media-related services

I’m not a designer, or a developer: I’m skilled at getting you set up to blog or run a business site using WordPress and associated tools. If you’re looking for design-related skills, or custom application development, I can hook you up with the right person – I just won’t do it myself. My prices are reasonable, and I can get you references if you need them.

Interested in getting started? Drop me a line: marfdrat Productions


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