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This reminds me of a Forrest Gump aphorism: “Momma says stupid is as stupid does.” no-guns-allowed-300x231Stupid is believing for one second that criminals are going to abide by your “no guns allowed” sign. Instead, you just made all your patrons defenseless targets for criminals. I don’t understand why the anti-gun crowd doesn’t get this.

North Carolina restaurant The Pit was robbed at gunpoint on Sunday. Normally, local crime stories like this wouldn’t merit a Townhall post, but this one is different: The Pit has a “no weapons” sign displayed prominently on its door declaring the restaurant a gun-free zone, and bans patrons from carrying concealed weapons.

Authorities said just before 9 p.m. Sunday, three men wearing hoodies entered the restaurant through the back doors with pistols, and forced several staff members to lie on the floor.

The bandits assaulted two employees during the crime, but they were not seriously injured.

What groups like Everytown for Gun Safety or Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America seem to have an issue grasping is that criminals have no respect for the law by nature of being criminals. Criminals aren’t going to be stopped by a “no guns allowed” sign. If somebody is going to rob or shoot up a Chipotle, for instance, they’re not going to care that they cannot (or have been politely asked not to) bring a gun onto the premises. Criminals are not going to submit to background checks. They’ll use straw purchases or just buy a gun from an illegal source. All these policies and laws do is make it harder for legal gun owners to protect themselves.

via NC Restaurant With “No Weapons” Sign Robbed at Gunpoint – Christine Rousselle.


Should it be a suspending offense -or a criminal offense- to carry a BB gun in your car? The school district had suspended him for a day when some pants-wetting parent noticed he Zero Tolerance = Zero Common Sensehad a BB gun in his car, which wasn’t even parked on campus. Now, they say they won’t “discipline” him. Doesn’t suspending him from school for a day constitute discipline? Also, the local cops are going to charge him with a misdemeanor for having the “weapon” in the car. I read the statute they referenced in the article, and it seems to refer to concealing a weapon on or about your person. I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know for sure. The interpretation of these words will be up to a judge somewhere. It didn’t seem to me like he was trying to conceal anything. Hope he has a good lawyer so these yokels don’t end up making an “example” of him.

The Dubuque Senior High School student suspended Wednesday for having an exposed BB gun lying in a car parked off, but near, school campus will not face disciplinary action, the district says.

On Friday, Dubuque Community School District Director of School and Community Relations Mike Cyze said following the district’s investigation into the incident, officials will not discipline the student. Cyze said the one-day suspension that happened on Wednesday was never a disciplinary action; that’s just standard procedure during an investigation. Nothing – not even the suspension – will go on the student’s permanent record.

On Wednesday, the parent noticed what appeared to be a gun in a students car parked off campus. The parent called police who responded and confiscated what turned out to be a BB gun. The student was then suspended for the day while the district investigated.

Since reporting the story many have questioned why the extreme measures if the BB gun was parked in a car off school property. In an interview with KWWL, Lt. Scott Baxter with the Dubuque Police Department said he stands by the departments decisions.

“We’ve received multiple calls today from all over the country. The story is apparently gaining national attention in regard to how the school district handled it and how we handled it,” Lt. Scott Baxter said Friday, “Student safety is the top priority for both of us, all the time. The school district acted within their policies and procedures and we acted within our policies and procedures, the Constitution in this case. We understand the second amendment and how important that is to people. We understand some of the concerns that people felt, maybe that we or the school over-stepped our boundaries, but we feel the exact opposite. We responded accordingly and with the top priority being student safety. We feel that in this case it could have been a potentially deadly situation. We have this individuals seen brandishing a weapon right across the street from a high school and within a few hundred feet of a college. So we have potentially 1,600 high school students and how many thousand college students in that immediate area. This gun looks realistic, we have no reason to believe it is not-real. Given what has happened in this country in the last 20-30 years with active killer situations, mass killings, we can’t afford to treat these situations lightly, to fail to respond, and then have something happen. Regardless of how we responded it there are going to be critics, there are going to be people that question us as to how we responded and that’s fine we are used to that. Our top priority again is keeping the community safe and especially students safe.”

via UPDATE: No discipline for Dubuque student suspended after BB gun – KWWL – Eastern Iowa Breaking News, Weather, Closings.

There is little that can be said about the insanity of this decision. Just read it:fencing1-550x412

The newly formed fencing club at North Dakota State University NDSU cannot practice on campus thanks to the university’s weapons policy.

“The current interpretation of the non-weapon policy in NDSU…understands our fencing equipment as weapons,” Enrique Alvarez, the club’s coach, told Valley News Live. The swords the club uses have no sharp points or blades. The tips are flat and spring-loaded. Still, the university deems them weapons; as such, possession or use of the swords is prohibited on university owned or controlled property.

Though the club may have been foiled in its desire to practice on campus, the group hasn’t retreated. Instead, it’s hosting practices at the Fargo-Morehead Fencing Club at Grace Lutheran School in Fargo, though attendance is a concern. “We have only a small hand full who practice on a regular basis and we feel that’s largely due to not being able to practice on campus,” club Vice President Jaime Jensen said.

via University weapons policy forces fencing club from campus.

Zero Tolerance = Zero Common SenseAnother example of mindless adherence to zero tolerance policies. Apparently, common sense is not a prerequisite for administrators in some school systems. Note the comment by the boy’s guardian about “guilty until proven innocent.” I wonder if these words actually came out of the principal’s mouth, or that was just her interpretation. The results sure make it look like you’re guilty first. This kid is facing criminal charges for this “offense.”

I also love the “random lockdown car search” thing – this is tantamount to the school’s administration saying “we’re going to assume everyone here is breaking some kind of rule, so we’re going to institute the occasional random search of your locker/car/person to see what rule you’re breaking.” Does the 4th Amendment to the Constitution no apply when you’re on school grounds?

A high school student in Montgomery County has been suspended after school officials found a knife inside his father’s car. David Duren-Sanner should be spending his time going through college and scholarship applications this time of year.Instead, he’s wondering if he’ll even be able to graduate after what hundreds of people are calling an overreaction to a mistake.On Thursday, Duren-Sanner, a senior at Northeast High School drove his father’s car to school. During a random lockdown, his car was chosen to be searched. Read More

This has to rank up there with the dumbest school policies ever to be proposed. The people that made this decision should be brought to the public square of their town and mocked – and then touched.

A Langley elementary school has banned kindergarten students from touching each other at recess, a policy some parents think is both unnecessary and unworkable.

Mom Julie Chen said she was shocked when she received a letter sent home with Coghlan Fundamental Elementary students on Friday outlining the new hands-off rule.

“I can’t imagine little kids not being able to hug each other or help each other on the playground,” Chen told CTV News. “No tag, no hugging, no touching at all.”

The letter blames the ban on playground injuries that have resulted from games and other forms of hands-on play during recess.

It calls on parents to talk to their children about the ban and encourage them to play imaginary games that don’t involve fighting.

“We will have a zero-tolerance policy with regards to hands-on play, resulting in the missing of playtime and trips to the office for those who are unable to follow the rules,” it reads.

School district spokesman Ken Hoff said Coghlan Fundamental was simply responding to parents’ complaints about rough play during recess, and that students won’t be severally penalized for slipping up.

“It wasn’t meant to be an instantaneous situation where the hammer is just going to drop if a child touches another child,” Hoff said. “I think what it was meant to convey is we are taking the issue seriously.”

via B.C. school bans kindergarteners from touching each other | CTV British Columbia News.

You’ve probably heard about this story already. Erin Cox decided to help a friend who was too drunk to drive home by picking her up and taking her home.

Zero Tolerance = Zero Common Sense

For her efforts, Erin was demoted from captain of the volleyball team, and suspended  from playing for five games. Police who busted kids at the drinking party determined that she had no alcohol, and had not been drinking. She was simply helping her friend.

In the bizarro world of zero-tolerance policies against all manner of things, simply being associated with the fact that alcohol was consumed is enough reason to punish you. What’s next? Will mentioning alcohol get you suspended?

So what is the lesson that kids from this school learn? If your friend calls you up to get a ride because they’re too drunk to drive (but apparently aren’t yet soused enough to be unable to make the call), you have to tell them “no, I can’t come pick you up, the school will suspend me under the zero tolerance policy. You’ll have to take your chances driving.”

I love how the judge ruled that the courts don’t have jurisdiction over the school’s punishment of the girl (read at the link for details). If the courts don’t have jurisdiction, who the hell does?

It’s tough for Eleanor Cox to talk about how heartbroken her daughter Erin is over the punishment she received for doing what she thought was right.

“She’s very fragile and I’m worried about her. Very worried about her. She didn’t do anything wrong,” Cox told WBZ-TV on Sunday.Two weeks ago, Erin received a call from a friend at a party who was too drunk to drive. Erin drove to Boxford after work to pick up her friend. Moments after she arrived, the cops arrived too and busted several kids for underage possession of alcohol.

A North Andover High School honor student, Erin was cleared by police, who agreed she had not been drinking and was not in possession of alcohol. But Andover High told Erin she was in violation of the district’s zero tolerance policy against alcohol and drug use. In the middle of her senior year, Erin was demoted from captain of the volleyball team and told she would be suspended from playing for five games.

via North Andover High Punishes Teen For Giving Drunken Pal Ride Home From Party « CBS Boston.

This is incredibly sad. Instead of using some common sense and telling him that was not such a good thing to do – or maybe even suspending him to teach him a lesson – the school decided that he should face a hearing to decide if CRIMINAL CHARGES should be filed against him for streaking at a high school football game. He faced the possibility of being placed on the Alabama sex offender registry – for streaking. Maybe not the smartest thing a teenager ever did, but certainly not worthy of a punishment severe enough that the kid wanted to kill himself.

A popular 15-year-old student has committed suicide after he reportedly faced expulsion and being placed on the sex offenders’ register simply for streaking at a high school football game.Christian Adamek, from Huntsville, Alabama, hanged himself on October 2, a week after he was arrested for running naked across the Sparkman High football field during a game.

The teenager died two days later from his injuries and on Wednesday, friends and family gathered at a memorial service as they struggled to comprehend the beloved student’s death.

A video of Adamek streaking during a game against a rival team was posted on YouTube hours after the event and students took to Twitter to call him a ‘legend’.

via Boy, 15, kills himself after ‘facing expulsion and being put on sex offender registry’ for STREAKING at high school football game | Engineering Evil.