Great Idea: The Defender Personal Protection Device

This is an awesome idea. A self-defense system that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. If you activate the mace to defend yourself, The Defender takes a photo of your attacker, and alerts the 24/7 monitoring service of your position, so they can contact the police for you. You can fund the project, and get one for yourself at Indiegogo.

The Defender – The First Smart Personal Protection System from The Defender on Vimeo.

  1. Thanks for writing about The Defender! We had a lot of people find us from your article and we can share the credit for keeping them safe!

    – Ryan & The Defender team

    If anyone has questions about The Defender, email

    • marfdrat said:

      Happy to lend a little help, Ryan. Always nice to spread the word about a great product.

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